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Robin Hood (2010)
2010-05-16, 9:52 PM

Aceasta este povestea unui arcas din serviciul regelui Richard Inima De Leu din sfarsitul secolului 12, care devine cunoscut ca Robin Hood, faimosul arcas si haiduc din foclorul englezesc.Incepand dupa moartea regelui Richard la batalia de la Chalus Chabrol, filmul ii urmareste cresterea lui Robin catre infamie printre baronii englezi si nou incoronatul rege John. Dispunand de personaje istorice precise, precum Sir William Marshall si intemeiate in realitate ( intr-o modalitate similara ca la "Gladiatorul"), acesta nu este Robin Hood asa..
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3 Mas   [Entry]
Alan Moore and Frank Miller's writing is laden and laeyred with irony and dark parody... none of which occurs in Begins or TDK. At face value, a Moore comic book seems to perpetuate the typical comic book mythology, but a closer viewing shows a mind that is constantly questioning the comic book universe the way most liberals question the reality of "The American Dream." Being a long time Batman fan, I have huge problems with TDK and Begins which most won't have (the plot holes are huge). If you look at the 80s comics, which came in an era of Reaganism, the trend was realistic but self-consciously glib and parodic... if Nolan is picking off the modern age Batman, he sure didn't capitalize on its tone. Year One was controversial when it came out... it tried too hard to make Batman realistic. Where it succeeded was in showing Batman's development and early years. Miller's writing really worked best in TDKR where Batman was taken to his logical conclusion. Now if you try to say Nolan was basing his films off the Golden Age Batman, then you still have problems of fidelity. Ultimately, Batman doesn't need to be changed at all (well maybe the costume). But the best incarnation of Batman has been Bruce Timm and Paul Dini's and Eric Radomski's amazing work on Batman the Animated Series. The series were fun, dark, and serious all at the same time. But then again these guys loved Batman all their lives opposed to Nolan who just was hired to put his thumbprint on the franchise.

2 brigitteciobanu   [Entry]
de ce nu mere sa vad filmul???

1 nike   [Entry]
e cool filmul biggrin

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